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Mobile phone Repair – Bayarea

Mr. Telephone Repair provides all types of Mobile Phone Repair services in the Bay Area. Our company has been successfully operating since 2015, and our main aim has always been to provide complete satisfaction to the customers who visit us with their specific problem related to phone damage.

Our Services

Repairs for iPhone, iPad, Samsung & Mac computers

Mobile Phone Repair In Bay ARea

Trade-Ins & Buybacks

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PC / Mac Repair In Bay area

Laptop Repair Services

Tablet Repair services

Variety of Services

We offer a variety of services that includes Smartphone Repair, Laptop Repair, Mac Repair, iPhone Repair, etc. We pride ourselves on customer service. Therefore, whenever you need your phone to be fixed, you can rely on us to get it repaired and working perfectly again. Our professionals are capable of doing all types of mobile repairing that can be any device including iPhone, Android, iPad, and other smart devices.

Mr. Telephone Man is the first choice of our customers when they are looking for a professional phone fixer. We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and always make an effort to get things done quickly. Let us take care of your phone repair needs. We can do it all. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. You’ll be thrilled with the way we treat your device once we’re done with it.

Mobile Screen Repair

A good number of smartphone screens are prone to cracks and even outright breakages. For this reason, you’ll need to obtain the services of a professional for Mobile Screen Repair. If there is an issue with your phone, iPhone or tablet, it may be time to have its screen replaced. The professionals here work hard to implement the depth of the problem, and will then replace or fix the screen. We also provide you with the lowest possible cost for the repair.

Everyone relies on their smartphones for everything from work to entertainment. We are always on the go with our phones and sometimes accidents happen that can result in a broken screen. That’s why we recommend using our professional services whenever you require such kind of Screen Repair Services.

Reputed Repair Service Provider

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective business to handle your Telephone Repair Services, you are in the right place!

Our technicians possess rich experience in handling all sorts of common issues related to smartphones and other gadgets. We authorize each kind of repair service according to your requirement. With us you get the best phone repair job done quickly.

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We try to keep Mobile Repair costs at an affordable level. This means we provide services within your budget price. If you need a Phone Doctor to keep your favorite phone healthy, you must call Mr. Telephone Man.

Mr. Telephone Man makes sure that all broken phone screens in the Bay Area are fixed! We use only the best for our repairs and replacements, which ends with great results and customer satisfaction.

Service Menu

We do trade-ins and buy backs. Browse through our collection and contact us today!

Service Price Duration Category
System Failure Repair 10.00 1:0 Repairing
Mobile Phone Repair 10.00 24:0 Repairing
Back Frame Repair 10.00 2:0 Repairing
Battery Replacement 10.00 0:30 Replacement
Charging Port Repair 10.00 2:0 Repairing
Headphone Jack Repair 10.00 4:0 Repairing
Camera Repair 10.00 6:0 Repairing
Speaker Repair 10.00 1:45 Repairing
Microphone Repair 10.00 2:30 Repairing
Same Day Services 10.00 6:0 Other
LCD Repair 10.00 48:0 Repairing
Digitizer Repair 10.00 8:30 Other
Unlocking Services 10.00 48:0 Other
Glass Screen Repair 10.00 1:15 Repairing
Water Damage Repair 10.00 2:30 Repairing
Button & Switch Repair 10.00 2:0 Repairing
Trade-Ins & Buybacks 10.00 0:30 Other
PC / Mac Repair 200.00 0:15 Repairing
Laptop Repair 160.00 0:15 Repairing
Tablet Repair 165.00 0:15 Repairing

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D McKinney – thank you for helping me create separate Apple accounts for each of my family members and then linking us together with Family Sharing. My son is no longer getting some of my text messages and phone calls now that he has his …

Tom Pearson

During the COVID era, most businesses are closed, especially Apple. When one door closes, others open. I needed three batteries replaced for my wife’s iPhone X, my sister-in-law’s iphone7, and my own iPhone X. I and my wife’s batteries were …

Chris Geronimo

Had a great experience with Mr. Telephone Man. When I first called, I didn’t realize that he doesn’t work Sundays, but he still bothered to return my call and set up an appointment on his day off. On the day of the actual repair, he was …

Theo Dumothier

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